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SOBRAMFA has promoted family medicine education in Brazil since 1992


Artigo publicado em 01/2008. Local de publicação: Medical Education


Family medicine is not taught in Brazilian medical schools and family medicine faculty staff are absent in academic settings. Inspired by other countries' associations of family medicine teachers, SOBRAMFA, the Brazilian Society for Family Medicine, was founded in 1992 as the first such society in Brazil to establish the basis and scientific method for family medicine, spreading its philosophy among medical students, residents and doctors. SOBRAMFA's aim is to spark students' interest in family medicine as a career by exposing them to the discipline's values and practice. This exposure occurs mainly in the Mini-Fellowship in Family Medicine (MF2) programme, an elective clerkship for medical students. Students experience family medicine by seeing patients under the supervision of SOBRAMFA faculty and residents in a range of practice settings. So far, over 300 students from 30 different Brazilian medical schools have completed the MF2 experience. Over the last 10 years, some of the students who started on SOBRAMFA's undergraduate programmes have graduated and currently hold director positions in SOBRAMFA.