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Teaching Palliative Care in a Free Clinic: A Brazilian Experience


Artigo publicado em 02/2012. Local de publicação: Contemporary and Innovative Practice in Palliative Care


There is no curricular palliative care teaching in Brazil. Brazilian's doctors are not training to deal with terminally ill patients. We believe that we can teach some important skills using palliative care. Some essential topics that students can finish medical training in Brazil, without any formal contact. We can provide different approach in communication's skills by teaching in a palliative care setting. In our group, Brazilian Society of Family Medicine (SOBRAMFA), we diced to create a palliative care setting. Our main objective was to observe students and residents and try to identify how this experience can influence their medical training. The ideas presented here are the final result of a qualitative analysis about the students and residents' experience. We used the stories related by them to exemplify what they learned.