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Educating Physicians for the Health of Brazil


Artigo publicado em 06/2004. Local de publicação: Wonca News


As we look forward to the Wonca World Council Meeting in Orlando Florida in October it is important that each member organisation prepares to review its global commitment.

As a world organisation, Wonca has grown substantially in recent years. It now has member organisations in all regions. Most of the countries of Central and South America have joined ?en bloc?.

Important contacts have been made with the countries of Central Asia including Mongolia. These will hopefully lead to the creation of a new region in that area. At a historic meeting of Arab countries in Beirut at the end of last year, representatives agreed to prepare for the establishment of a Wonca Arab Region. Europe has continued to expand along its eastern border. Already it is clear that the special needs of Western, Southern, and Eastern Europe may, at times, require a sub-regional

approach. Wonca as a global organisation must have the flexibility to respond appropriately according to the

needs of its member organisations.